Intro Chemistry for Allied Health

CHEM 1406

SCHEDULE (subject to change as needed)

Wednesday - January 31
   Lecture -  Test over Chapters 1 and 2 and 4 and 9
Monday - January 29
   Lecture - Review for test over Chapters 1 and 2 and 4 and 9
  Quiz - Nuclear Chemistry
Friday - January 26
   Lecture - Nuclear Chemistry - fission and fusion and radiation protection
   Quiz - Subatomic particles, metals, isotopes and ions
   Lab - radiation protection demo and video
Wednesday - January 24
    Lecture - Nuclear Chemistry - types of radioactivity, natural radioactivity, half-life, and radioisotopic dating
    Quiz - density  and temperature conversions
Monday - January 22

   Lecture - group name, oxidation numbers and valence
   Quiz - Properties and Changes, Symbols and Names of Elements, states of matter, and compounds and elements
Friday - January 19
    Lecture - Density, Structure of the atom, isotopes, atomic and mass numbers, ions and Properties of matter
    Quiz - metric/ metric and metric/English conversions
    Lab - density
Wednesday - January 17
    Lecture - States of matter, Compounds and elements, and Symbols
Monday - January 15
    Lecture - MLK Holiday
Friday - January 12
    Lecture - Metric System - English to metric and Temperature conversions
    Lab - Chemical Laboratory Safety
Wednesday - January 10
    Lecture -  Mass, and Scientific  Notation, Rounding numbers and Metric System - metric to metric
Monday - January 8
    Lecture - review course syllabus, Science and Scientific Method


CHEM 1406 General Chemistry for Allied Health Majors (3-3-4) This is a survey course introducing chemistry to allied health students. Topics may include inorganic, organic, biochemistry, food/physiological chemistry, environmental/consumer chemistry.


Principles of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry - Janis Smith, McGraw Hill, Latest Edition


CHEM 1406



Measurements  and Metric System

Matter and Energy  

Atomic structure  

Nuclear Chemistry  

The Structure of Compounds

The Language of Chemistry

Chemical reactions

Mole Concept  



Gas Law

Acids and Bases

Organic - Alkanes (saturated)

Organic - Alkenes and Alkynes (unsaturated)

Organic - Aromatics (benzene)

Organic - Alcohols and Ethers

Organic - Ketones and Aldehydes

Organic - Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives

Organic - Amines



Proteins and Amino Acids

Lipids, Fats and Steroids

Nucleic Acids